Who We Are

 We are a small team of horticulturalists that offer solutions and personalized garden services ranging from fine garden maintenance, to design and installation.


Noelani Alexander owns and operates Habitats with the support of a small but hard-working crew. Noelani’s nearly 25 years of experience in Pacific Northwest horticulture includes residential landscape care, organic urban farming, and ornamental garden design. She studied horticulture at South Seattle Community College and the University of Washington where she holds a degree in Botany. Noelani has been a professional member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and co-founder of the City Grown urban farm.

16402648_10154779589715485_2792166269282254823_oLisa Griswold of Twig and Roots Gardening has joined forces with Habitats, LLC after many years of gardening in the Northwest.  She brings with her a strong foundation of plant knowledge, a love for pruning, and a wealth of experience.   

The Crew consists of individuals with experience in horticulture, and an ability to work with Noelani and homeowners to make the landscapes in our care thrive.