Care & Renovation

Garden Stewardship & Continuing Care

As your landscape undergoes seasonal changes, Habitats ensures that the aesthetic value, health, and functionality lasts through every month of the year.

We believe that skilled and attentive care is the key to bringing out the best in your ever-evolving residential garden.

We specialize in meeting your garden’s changing design and maintenance needs so the balance and beauty of your natural spaces remain consistent through the year.

As we make these small renovations to the design and function of your garden, Habitats also provides all weeding, pruning, mulching, and other aspects of care needed through the changing seasons.

We offer multiple programs to fit specifically with your gardens’ needs.

  • Monthly Maintenance Service
  • Seasonal Visits and One Time Landscape Clean Ups
  • Renovation of areas in need of change
  • Fine Pruning
  • Seasonal Containers